Movies accompanying the paper:

Interactions and scattering of quantum vortices in a polariton condensate.
Lorenzo Dominici, R. Carretero-González, Antonio Gianfrate, J. Cuevas-Maraver, A.S. Rodrigues, D.J. Frantzeskakis, P.G. Kevrekidis. Giovanni Lerario, Dario Ballarini, Milena De Giorgi, Giuseppe Gigli, and Daniele Sanvitto.
Submitted, May, 2017. PDF.



Movies#1--#4: Experimental dynamics depicting the short-range vortex scatterings corresponding to the results presented in Fig. 2 of the main text. Each movie corresponds to different initial total populations: movies S1--S4 are associated, respectively, with P1--P4 (see Fig. 2 in the main text). The amplitude and the phase of the polariton field are represented over a 100x100 μm2 wide area and the time step is 0.5 ps. Each movie highlights the initial separation, the merging of the cores in the density field and their subsequent bounce-back at short and mid times. Also, the formation of the induced density ripples is evident in the frames at later times. The dynamics of all these effects are accelerated upon increasing initial populations.

Movie#5: Numerical dynamics depicting the vortex scattering corresponding to the case described in Fig. \ref{fig:SI:FIG3} of the Supporting Information. The density of the polariton field is represented over a 70x70 μm2 wide area and the time step is 0.1 ps. The movie highlights how the circular symmetry of the density ripples is broken at short and mid time ranges, during the approaching of the vortices, and restored at longer times, after the scattering event.